Spring steel

The steel we use to make our springs is ductile, flexible and highly durable.

Both carbon steel and stainless steel are used in the making of every type and size of spring.

We also use steel alloys whose characteristics render higher resistance and better performance; their ability to remain unaltered, retaining their shape guarantees the correct functioning of each unit.  

Machine operations

Mollificio Fumagalli has achieved widespread recognition for its expertise in the field of manufacturing metal componentsand stainless steel springs.

This Bergamo company is specialised in coiling, bending, eye-let making, grinding and distension. Our spring making factory also boast many decades of experience in working with clients in the design and sale of springs in harmonic steel, stainless steel, copper, and special alloys:

  • coil springs
  • compression springs
  • extension springs
  • torsion springs
  • bent wire elements

Quality control

In the interests of guaranteeing clients the best service possible, we carry out the required tests on every product within our in-house quality control facility. Every item can receive surface coating and protection treatment. The range of surface treatments that springs can receive includes galvanising, peening, burnishing, painting, GEOMET and more.

Fumagalli Springs uses both carbonised harmonic steels and stainless steels for spring production in line with industry standards.

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