The production technology used by Bergamo-based company Mollificio Fumagalli sets it apart from its competitors in the field of metal-wire spring manufacturing.

The company is equipped with state-of-the-art torsion spring-making tools, CNC wire-bending machine tools meaning we can check the suitability of products during the various stages of production and can produce springs of highly complex design.

Programmes created for the manufacture of specific designs requested by the customer can be saved in the machine’s on-board computer memory, and quickly retrieved whenever they are needed.

Every product also undergoes final quality control – each spring is checked for dimensional accuracy and load capacity to ensure that it complies with the required tolerances.

Machinery inventory

At Mollificio Fumagalli we use the latest CNC machine tools – enabling us to produce a wide range of products destined for various industrial applications, with unlimited capability to manufacture any spring design the customer may require.

The main types of machine tools used are:

  • coiling machines
  • twisting machines
  • bending machines
  • sping former machines
  • CNC SIMPLEX ‘A’ and ‘MC’ SERIES machine tools
  • CNC WAFIOS ‘FMU’ SERIES machine tools
  • CNC ITAYA ‘RX’ SERIES machine tools
  • CNC SHINKO series NF machine tools
  • CNG OMCG machine tools