Compression springs

Compression springs

Mollificio Fumagalli manufactures the following types of compression springs:

  • left-hand coiled springs and right-hand coiled springs
  • standard and custom compression springs

Coil springsare particularly suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Products from our company are guaranteed andUNI EN ISO 9000:2008certified. Our spring making facility is a member of Italy’s national association for elastic and spring component manufacturers ANCCEM  (Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Componenti Elastici e Molle).

Having always been renowned for high quality and competence, our company serves many Italian and European companies.

Thanks to our use of technologically-advanced machine tools, including coiling machines, torsion bending machines, winding and spring formation machines with numerical counters, our technicians at Fumagalli Springs are able to satisfy any client request, producing:

  • standard springs
  • custom springs
  • cylindrical springs
  • conical springs
  • conical cylinder springs
  • standard and other sizes, etc

Materials can include harmonic steel, stainless steel, alloys, copper, brass

We are a highly competent spring manufacturer and turn orders around quickly. This has considerable impact on keeping prices down, while still guaranteeing product quality.